Good Conduct Discussed and Debated at Highland School Board Meeting

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Alan Beers read an Open letter to Highland Community School District Board, Superintendent Chris Armstrong, High School Principal Angela Hazelett and Activities Director Tony Johnson from his wife Rita, his son Tyler and himself regarding Tyler’s 30 day. The Beers’s addressed the council about the punishment (which stemmed from damage to a Fort Dodge hotel room in early November) at the November 11, 2014 school board meeting and asked that the penalty against their son be rescinded. At that meeting, Board President Kevin Engel verified that the school was following proper procedure, and said that they will continue following it. According to the decision of the Iowa Department of Education, the Board upheld the punishment at a special meeting on November 18 with a vote of 6-1 and Alan Beers filed a timely appeal on December 10, 2013. The requests of the Beers family is outlined in the letter suspension [See open letter in the appendix at the end of the post].

Good Conduct Rule [see 'Good Conduct Policy' in appendix below] was reviewed. The Board discussed the possible changes of the policy, such as whether failing to report should be present and, if so, the detail in which it needs to be worded. Tattling and holding athletes and other students with extra-curricular activities to a higher standard than students without, and possibly looking at Iowa Athletic Association’s guidelines

After a public hearing regarding the matter, the board authorized the purchase of transportation equipment over $50,000; 7-0. They subsequently approved the bid for one Hoglund school bus, which was the lowest bid that included an inside camera ($81,859). There was a cheaper bus on the bid list, and School Board Member Tara Black asked if the stock bus was of a lower quality. Armstrong said that stock buses meet different specs and are normally for schools who need a bus right away. They did not have to apply the specs given by the school, said Engel; the purchase was approved, 7-0.

Presentation of 2013-14 budget amendment estimate The motion to receive, file and publish the 2013-14 budget amendment estimate on May 1, 2014; to set the public hearing for May 12, 2014 at 6:30 PM; and to certify the budget amendment by May 31, 2014 as required by law was approved 7-0.

The start date waiver request resolution passed 7-0. The start date waiver is

“pursuant to Iowa Code section 279.10(4) [:] the State of Iowa has granted school districts and nonpublic schools the ability to request a first day of school earlier than the mandated start date [when the board has determined] that the later start date would have a significant negative educational impact …[and] in consultation with its community, has determined a later start date would significantly negative impact on the educational program due to the direct and direct and indirect impact on student learning and student learning needs.”

The summer library program was approved for Ainsworth and Riverside, 7-0. The free program will be once a week for six weeks; Hills Bank sponsors t-shirts earned through a series of reading goals and a party. The program averaged 40 kids last summer. ISCAP supplemental resolution for the 2014-15 school year was approved, 7-0.  The ISCAP resolution adopting a financial plan for the 2014-15 school year was also approved 7-0.

The Board voted to sell 3 used buses for $4500, 7-0. Resignations of middle school special education associate Brittany Wide and middle school special education teacher Kimberly Martin and the appointment of Kenneth Hegwood as the new high school at-risk instructor was approved, 7-0.



Beers’ Family Open Letter to Board, Superintendent Armstrong and Principal Hazelett

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beersopenletterHCSDBM04142014 2

 Good Conduct Rule

good conduct rules good conduct rules 2 good conduct rules 3 good conduct rules 4



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Washington County Sheriff’s Call Log April 7-13, 2014

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4/7/2014 7:05 Burglary 

Location: Riverside 

Caller reports someone had broken into the business over the weekend. Several tools are missing. 92-14 responded. Report filed.

 4/7/2014 12:23 Intimidation/harassment 

Location: Ainsworth 

 Caller requests to speak with a deputy regarding harassment. 92-14 spoke with the caller. Documentation. Ongoing civil issue.

 4/7/2014 15:01 Fire calls 

Location: Riverside 

Caller reports a field fire south 140th. No one is around. Riverside fire responded. Fire extinguished.

 4/7/2014 15:27 Fire calls 

Location: Ainsworth 

Field fire out of control. Ainsworth and Washington Fire responded. Fire extinguished.

 4/7/2014 20:49 Fire calls 

Location: Riverside 

Reports a tree burning yet where Riverside Fire was earlier today. It’s throwing out embers and with the wind. He’s afraid it will spread. Riverside Fire Department responded.

 4/8/2014 1:05 All other theft 

Location: Riverside 

Missing several prescription pills. Believes he knows who took them. 92-18 responded and spoke to all the parties. Documentation for now.

4/8/2014 12:25 Fire Calls 

Location: Kalona 

Caller reports while burning trash, some blew across the road and has started a field fire. No buildings in the immediate vicinity. Kalona Fire Department responded, fire extinguished.

4/9/2014 5:35 DP&Q  

Location: Riverside 

Caller reports loud noises coming from a nearby business. 92-7 spoke with the caller. Documentation.

Owner was made aware of the complaint by 92-14. They will keep the back door shut and hopefully this will solve the problem.

4/9/2014 9:06 All Other Theft 

Location: Riverside 

Caller reports theft of funds due to a bad check. Report to be filed.

4/9/2014 11:18 Illegal Dumping 

Location: Riverside

8 tires dumped over the weekend, more previously. 92-14 spoke with the caller. Documentation for now.

4/9/2014 14:45 Traffic Other 

Location:  Ainsworth 

Ditch and field fire. Riverside and Ainsworth Fire Departments responded.

4/9/2014 14:47 Fire Calls 

Location: Kalona

The fire at a residence has rekindled. Kalona Fire Department responded. Wellman Fire requested for mutual aid.

4/9/2014 15:42 Disorderly Conduct 

Location: Kalona 

Neighbor having possible domestic disturbance. Broken window in trailer in back and she can see the trailer rocking back and forth.

Caller than advised it was someone knocking on her own trailer, making it rock.

Deputies responded and nobody was at the residence.

4/9/2014 15:59 Fire Calls 

Location: Ainsworth 

Reports a grass fire out of control. It’s heading toward some hog buildings.

Ainsworth and Riverside Fire Departments responded.

4/9/2014 16:42 Fire Calls 

Location: Kalona 

Report from the alarm company of a fire. Water flow alarm in building.

Business called to advise there is a loss of pressure in the tank which tripped off the alarm. Kalona Fire was disregarded.

4/10/2014 7:19 Public Intoxication 

Location: Riverside 

DCI is requesting assistance with an intoxicated male subject walking unclothed in the hallways.

92-14, IHP 491, T-257 arrived. DCI Agent 322 arrested 50 year old male from Riverside for disorderly conduct and public intoxication.

4/10/2014 7:47 Animal Complaint 

Location: Riverside 

Daughter reported to her that there’s an injured deer in the roadway. Deer was deceased upon arrival.

4/10/2014 18:03 Traffic Other 

Location:  Ainsworth 

Vehicle blew a tire while traveling southbound on Hwy 218. Debris is all over the roadway from the front end of the vehicle. Vehicle was drivable and roadway cleared.

 4/11/2014 17:17 Fire calls 

Location: Kalona 

Caller reports an out of control gas fire near the residence. Kalona Fire and Kalona QRS responded. Fire extinguished.

4/11/2014 19:21 All other offenses 

Location: Riverside 

Ditch on fire. Riverside Fire responded and extinguished the fire.

 4/11/2014 23:48 Drugs/narcotics violation 

Location: Kalona 

92-7 reports being out on a stop with a vehicle. 92-18 also responded. Charges pending on 17 year old male for possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana paraphernalia.

 4/12/2014 2:43 Traffic accident 

Location: Riverside

Caller reports a vehicle upside down in the ditch approximately 3 miles south of Riverside on Riverside Rd. Caller did not stop and is unsure if the vehicle is occupied. All Riverside units and AD55 were paged, but disregarded prior to them going on route. 92-7 advised the vehicle was not occupied. 92-11 also responded.

 4/12/2014 9:39 Motor Vehicle Theft 

Location: Ainsworth 

Reports his GMC Yukon is missing. There was a key in the glove box, ¼ tank of gas, gauge doesn’t work. There is an antennae on top and a deer sticker in the back window. Vehicle was taken sometime between 21:30 hrs last night and 07:30 hrs this morning.

  4/12/2014 14:17 Drugs/narcotics violation 

Location: Ainsworth 

Reports ISP 368 is out with a subject on Hwy 218 south of Ainsworth. Arrested 31 year old female from Prairie, MO for possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of prescription drugs.

 4/12/2014 19:46 Fire calls 

Location: Ainsworth 

Grass fire getting out of control. Ainsworth Fire was paged. Caller called back and advised to disregard the fire department. The fire is now under control.

4/12/2014 20:25 Animal complaint 

Location: Riverside

Caller reports there is a dead deer on Hwy 22 east of Riverside. Several additional callers advised the deer is injured, but still alive. 92-19 responded and put the deer down.

4/13/2014 23:57 Disorderly Conduct 

Location: Ainsworth 

Caller reports a male subject is out of control. 92-3, 92-18 and  92-75 responded. Male subject was given a ride to Washington to stay with a friend.






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Kiene Appointed to Governor’s Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board

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KieneKevin Kiene was appointed by Governor Branstad on March 18 and confirmed by the State Senate on April 8 to the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board. The appointment will run from May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2016.  The Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Systems Board is a division of the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The purpose of the board is to administer and enforce the provisions of Iowa Code chapters 17A and 105 with regard to the licensing and regulation of plumbers, mechanical professionals and contractors.  The mission of the board is to protect the public health, safety and welfare by licensing qualified individuals who provide services to consumers and by fair and consistent enforcement of the statutes and regulations of the licensure board. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Licensing of qualified applicants to operate as contractors; or work in the plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, sheet metal, or hydronic disciplines; or work as a certified medical gas system installer; or work in the specialty license disciplines developed by the board by examination, renewal, endorsement, and reciprocity; Developing and administering a program of continuing education to ensure the continued competency of individuals licensed by the board; and Imposing discipline on licensees as provided by statute or rule.

The Board meets on a bi-monthly basis in Des Moines or Ames.

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kirk portrait

“I know it’s illogical, you silly Vulcan, but it is Riverside!

From Callahan’s report to now (pending city attorney opinion), council members now need approval by the council before receiving any researched, or ‘personal’, items from the from the City of Riverside. Riverside’s city council passed a resolution said that if such ‘personal’ research needs to be done, the individual council member can come in to the office and look at the items themselves. Don’t forget, however, that City Administrator Rusty Rogerson requires that he be present in the room when such research is being conducted…which itself spawned similar ‘discussion’ and claims of inconvenience.

Iowa does not make concessions for convenience of the custodian of records, mayor and/or designee. (Click here to read ‘supervision’ in Iowa Code 22.III.A ). As long as the office is open, people have the right to inspect records…council members too (See ‘22IVB1’ below). Nowhere in Chapter 22 does it say the information sought by anybody is up to a vote by the council. Ask someone who knows their stuff, like an educator of law and they agree that putting such a hindrance on information requests goes against people’s rights. Kathleen Richardson, School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Drake University and the Iowa Freedom of Information Council said via email:

 At the very least, council members have the same rights as other citizens to access government information (and have even more rights to have access to confidential information in some circumstances). If a council member (or any other person) is requesting access to information that he or she is legally entitled to under the Iowa public records law, the request cannot be denied.

The resolution also included that council members should not be able to put things on the agenda without council approval. Rogerson repeatedly brought up Callahan’s report at Monday’s council meeting.

At Monday’s council meeting, iIt was a wonder that Council member Nate Kasdorf could not flip on the switch, so to speak, allowing Schneider to see that the ‘inside track’ and perceived favoritism by previous city staff (that inspired ‘Distribution of Information to City Council’ in Callahan’s report; see section in the Appendix below) is the same, if not worse, with his preferred method of communication and the question of where and how he gets his information. Kasdorf made clear that Schneider plays the ‘phone game’ (Schneider believes that passing info via email boarders on violation of the open meetings law) which is similar to the ‘email game’ he is fearful of; both entail allegedly that the people receiving information do not disperse it to the rest of the council. Mayor Bill

Poch’s opinion on the matter seemed to be most prevalent, as he answered many of the questions about the resolutions to centralize communication and council requests for information. However, from a December council meeting and this previous meeting (not to mention his position on anonymous letters), it is difficult to nail down Poch’s position on communication. At the aforementioned December meeting, Citizen Kevin Mills questioned why people are in city hall, specifically why one person is doing it and why others aren’t doing it. In response to Mills, Poch clarified that the League of Cities had said city officials have the right to inspect public information.  Mills asked their reason for doing it. Poch speculated that it is to try to keep everyone honest; just another set of eyes.

This confuses the hell out of me because of what I know. What I know is this: Poch will not return correspondences, regardless of the issue, from people with whom he disagrees; Schneider has never returned communication from me, regardless of the fact the issues were pertinent and from a citizen (I might be confusing Council member Schneider with Board member Schneider…); even though the Forum has shown support for Schnoebelen, Inc., councilman Schnoebelen said he wants nothing to do with the blog; I have had similar treatment from new councilmember Tom Sexton, even in the face of offering services for his campaign. See where this is going?

Not to mention citizens have been harassed and harangued by other citizens without recourse or repercussion from the mayor solely because they looked at public information. Do you think that this council will actually approve any of Kirkwood’s requests? Do you think that if you are curious about your city’s money that you will be able to get that information? You already have a city administrator saying that, even though he said he has never withheld information, that he would not perform research, even for citizens. It is almost to the point where it is like a picture I have seen that shows signs at an intersection: no left turn, no right turn, road closed and no u-turn. We are the vehicle and pretty soon, citizens, we won’t be able to access information about our own town.

Putting information requests up to a vote is a violation of people’s rights and, according to my interpretation of Iowa law, illegal.  These two resolutions together, while an attempt to centralize information and streamline the work for some, are an attempt to control information and then the city.   At any time you feel your right to access public information is being violated, file a complaint to the Iowa Public Information Board Helpful legal links are available on Your Riverside Forum. Just click here Legal/Links Reference or the link at the menu at the top


22IVB1: A member of a government body has a right of access to records otherwise confidential under section 22.7 in order to fulfill his/her duties, but the individual member does not have the right to disseminate the records in derogation of the decision of the lawful custodian to maintain confidentiality. Gabrilson v. Flynn, 554 N.W.2d 267 (Iowa 1996).

Distribution of Information Callahan recommended that the same information at the same time to all council members. He also recommended that “future City Council agendas include an item for council members to request information and/or research from the City Administrator. These requests of information should include: Type of information requested; general purpose for the request; level of detail needed; and preferred timeline to obtain the information” (Callahan’s 2012 assessment can be found here. The council’s planning and goal setting results can be found here).

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State Fire Marshal Reminds of Outdoor Fire Safety

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Press Release Des Moines, IOWA –  Warmer temperatures combined with strong winds and dry conditions lead to more  brush and wild-land fires across the state. These types of fires can pose a  serious threat to lives and property.

The National Fire protection  Association (NFPA) has reported over 59 million acres have been burned by  wildfires in the past decade. While Iowa is not known to have large wildfires like  those that regularly affect western states, our state is still prone to  dangerous brush fires created by dry conditions, strong winds and low humidity.

To prevent the spread of brush  fires and other debris, keep in mind the following:

  • Check for county burn bans,  city restrictions and with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Air Quality  before conducting any open burning.
  • Never burn on dry and windy  days.
  • Have water and tools on hand  to extinguish anything that may escape the burn area.
  • Do NOT burn alone, always  have another person with you.
  • Do NOT leave a fire  unattended.
  • Call 911 immediately if a  fire does get out of hand.

If you have questions about  outdoor fire safety, contact the Iowa Department of Public Safety – State Fire Marshal Division at (515) 725-6145 or  e-mail at

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Riverside Fire Department Pancake Breakfast April 13, 7AM-1PM

some of Riverside's finestCome fill up and support your favorite fire fighters at their all you can eat pancake breakfast at the Riverside Fire Department April 13 7AM-1PM


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Camp Highland 2014 Signup


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Riverside City Council Passes ‘Red Tape’ Resolution 4-7-2014 Meeting

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bloggerCouncil Information request policy

City Council Member Christine Kirkwood said that this is a clear violation of state code, restricting access to information. She noted that the council heard from auditor Jennifer Campbell that the council is not to be restricted in seeking information. Putting it up for a vote is giving council veto power.

City Clerk Lory Young said, “everyone of you has free access to walk in here and look at anything you want. That’s not what [Rogerson] is restricting”; researching is the issue and that needs to be put up to a vote. “If it’s a big enough issue [and a ‘personal issue’], it should come before the council,” City Administrator/ Economic Development Director Rusty Rogerson said. Even though Rogerson was adamant that he restricts no one’s access to information, he said he’s not going to “research and produce”  for anyone, not even citizens.

City Council Member Nate Kasdorf said no one asked the staff to search for the problem in 2006, but the staff found the issue that resulted in a special investigation; the research was not a problem then. Young said she did that because “things were being done against the law.” Kasdorf asked Mayor Bill Poch for a point of order and “one more outburst, you need to call the deputy.” The mayor took vehement issue with that, exclaiming, “No…Don’t…; You don’t need to point what you’re doin’. You can call the deputy if you want,” stating that Kasdorf had not addressed anyone in particular; he conceded and said that Young was out of place for interrupting.

 Rogerson said that “it is getting old being the kicked dog for an audit for money that was mismanaged.” He said that a look at the last day payroll before he started at Riverside showed the mismanagement and that he did not need to do much research. He reiterated that he is not trying to restrict access; if it’s a council issue, vote on it; if it’s a personal issue, come in to look at it.

Council Member Robert Schneider requested that the resolution should be added to. He said that not one person should be able to put an issue  they want on the agenda; it should be a council issue. Schneider said that before such an item is placed on the agenda, the majority of the council needs to agree that should be placed on the agenda.

Kasdorf said it’s a little strange that, after looking at information Rogerson disperses to the council regarding requested information by other council, the only people seem to be asking for information are Kirkwood and himself. He wondered how they are getting their information. The resolution passed 3-2 (Kirkwood and Kasdorf dissented)pending the questioning of the resolution’s legality to the city attorney.

centralized contact policy  Council Member Bob Schneider made the motion with the following changes regarding consultation with professionals: that they can be contacted by the city administrator, Mayor or designee. Rogerson said that the policy is an effort to “control the cost in picking up the phone” and contacting professionals contracted by the City of Riverside.

The Mayor helped clarify that the city attorney definitely bills for calls from city officials. Kirkwood asked what happens when the issue or information she needs has to do with someone in particular. The Mayor replied that

“If there is a conflict of interest, bring it to the council. We’ve got a problem if you can’t come to the administrator or the mayor….we would definitely have a problem.”

In addition to cutting down costs, the mayor said that “This is an attempt to centralize information.” The mayor added that information requested by individual council people has not been shared and then not everybody has the same information. Citing the information she received regarding the city’s lack of insurance, Kirkwood said,

“If the council doesn’t feel confident that it can get complete and accurate information, the council needs to do what the council needs to do.”

The mayor denied Young a chance to comment at the end of the discussion (she had been reminded by the mayor that she needed to not interrupt Kirkwood). Kasdorf asked Rogerson if this policy applied to just the council or all city staff; City staff needs to call Rogerson to inform him that they are calling the engineer, for example, so they have a way to reconcile when the bill comes in.

Rogerson said that when he was hired, the council agreed to make him the central point for information. Kasdorf said that this policy “isn’t  ‘guidance and direction’ for the town, this is controlling the town”; he called it a ‘red tape resolution.’ Kasdorf asked how much extra the city has been charged for others contacting the contracted people. When Young attempted to answer, Kasdof asked he if she was on overtime; she said that she was.

Noting difficulty receiving requested information from the office and siding with Kirkwood, Kasdorf said that if they can’t get the information, then they themselves have to get it. Rogerson said that he has provided council with requested information.

Regardless of their past difficulty receiving information, the issue that has “been agreed upon” was approved 3-2 (guess they don’t agree anymore).

Other items that you might actually care about Chuck Geertz, co-founder and President of English River Outfitters, a veterans group out of Washington, Iowa, requested to use Railroad Park on June 14 from 12p-5p. There motto being ”Veterans Reach Out to Help Other Veterans” the group wants to set up a beer tent, as well as provide entertainment for veterans and kids. The event will be open to the general public. The council will make a decision at the next council meeting based on receipt of required paperwork, and to see which park would be more suitable. ”English River Outfitters, is a NON-PROFIT 501(C)(3) CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION we were established in 2008 by Chuck Geertz our President and Founder to enrich the lives of all of America’s returning war VETERANS.”

Royce Phillips, pastor and a former mayor of Tiffin introduced himself to citizens and council as seeking the Republican nomination  for the state senate seat in district 39. Phillips is running to fill Greiner’s (R-Keota) seat who is retiring. Phillips is also a tentative guest for April 8, 2014′s Talk of the Town.

Jesse Kloepher was hired as summer help for the city with a vote 5-0. The council discussed adopting the SUDAS (Statewide Urban Design and Specifications). Schneider wants more clarification. This is a specification model that covers everything a city constructs. It was noted that the city doesn’t necessarily need to adopt it because the engineer will most likely follow it. Rogerson said that it is tied to the zoning ordinances presently going through. The motion was turned down 1-4 (despite wanting more information,Schneider dissented). Council Member Ralph Schnoebelen and Kasdorf were not comfortable voting on something they are not familiar with or sure they need.

Renewal of trash contract for 2014-17.  Was approved 5-0. Schneider said he had citizens come to him regarding not being able to put more than one bag in larger containers. He said that there doesn’t seem to be anything prohibiting such practice. The mayor brought up the possibility of eliminating utilizing automatic barrel loading. Citizen Mike Meinders would be in favor of the automatic barrel pickup. The mayor took an unofficial poll that showed people in the audience were not in favor of the automatic barrel pickup.

Rogerson requested permission to “release [request for proposals and quotes] for an engineering firm to handle some routine engineering tasks that occasionally come up.” Rogerson said he believes Hart-Frederick overcharges and Mike Hart is retiring. Rogerson said, “There’s no money in next year’s budget for engineering”; approved 5-0.

Since Rogerson said they found money in the road use tax, the city can purchase a truck. The city has “$20,000 scheduled for a truck in next year’s budget and there is $30,000 in the road use tax money scheduled to be spent on vehicle and equipment purchase in this year’s budget.” The truck is said to cost “approximately $28,000 and approximately $12,000 to outfit it with the necessary equipment including a new snow blade and box.”


Keep an eye out for this week’s editorial and make sure you click over to Stardust Radio Network for this week’s Talk of the Town (scroll down and click ‘Listen Live’).

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CORRECTION–April 8: Listen and Call In to YOUR Show: Talk of the Town 648-5143 or 877-213-4329



Tune in on the radio to Stardust Radio Network (1690AM) or the net for Talk of the Town of 2014. Talk of the Town revolves around you the caller.  You are encouraged and able to express and discuss your opinion with the hosts, guests and other callers. You don’t have to listen on the radio….CLICK THE RADIO TO LISTEN ONLINE.

Tonight’s tentative guest will be Royce Phillips (R-Tiffin). Royce is seeking the Republican nomination for district 39 to fill the seat that will be vacated by Sandy Greiner who is retiring. 

 Talk of the Town is a locally produced show for local and Riverside area people to have a voice. Talk of the Town is a live call in show. To participate, call 648-5143 or toll free 877-213-4329.  The show will air every 1st and 3rd Tuesday (day after Riverside City council meetings) starting at 7PM. Stardust Radio Network is the Official Military Support Radio Network for the Riverside, Iowa. Stardust Radio Network is heard  world wide by 1 million viewers a year (for the past 12 years). Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on this program are those of the hosts, guests and callers and are not necessarily those of Stardust Radio Network Inc. or its management or other hosts or supporters. 

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