Grrr. Manifesto of an Angry Blogger (Not that you asked for one, but…)


Disclaimer [do not get used to these, because they feel like apologies]: This post will most likely piss off a lot of my old readers. This stuff needs to be […]

Web Summit, Dublin, Nov. 3-5, 2015


The web is obviously the biggest innovation in history. It enables us to receive and share information. There are pioneers who continue to push its limits. Verum Apparatus Publications will […]

Happy Back to School…

Not that I’m HAPPY my kids are going back, but… Billy Madison  

Now available for pre-order

chord book cover v1 final 2 (2)

Chord by Tom McLaughlin Kindle eBook Horror, gory, extreme, psychological They say there is no bond stronger than love…except maybe for mutilation. Everyone has their demons, especially serial killers. Chord […]

New Feature: Customer Reviews

free digital

  If you have a review of any of our services or experiences with us, we would love to hear what you have to say.  Customer Reviews can be left […]

Grand Slam Poetry Champion | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

Video: Tedx Talks

Girlfriend Scarecam: A Vine Compilation

Chris Melberger See this and other hilarious stuff at She Drove a Purple Duster

Let’s Put Our Big Brains Together

Blogger brain fart

I’ve been learning about a bunch of big words and letters and the affects they have on our site and money (SEO, marketing). What I am sure of is that […]

In the Corner


I sit and scroll and look at things other people say, every second thinking about everything I should be doing and talking myself out of it. ‘What’s the use’ while […]

New! Stuff! Read!

This is not a Zuckerberg megalith, even though it, admittedly has some of the basic features. You’re not going to get the same bullshit whining you sift through or break […]